I help consultancy firms improve revenue and profit by winning the right clients as the go-to experts

Keep learning from what I learned

I identified the 4 primary pain points 
where consulting firms get stuck

  1. It’s not clear what problem gets solved for which target audience and with which problem resolution expertise (aka ‘positioning’)

  2. The consultancy firm isn’t widely known and seen as go-to experts in their target market (aka ‘visibility’)

  3. The consulting firm hasn’t built an abundance of cases studies from referenceable clients that validate their expertise (aka ‘trust building’)

  4. The consultancy doesn’t consistently turn its network and relationships into a business development machine (aka ‘demand nurturing’)



The ultimate business development goal in consulting? Clients come to you!

Unfortunately, consultancies I meet often don’t end up where they had hoped. Their reputation is not strong enough. They struggle to build a reliable pipeline. They aren’t working with the type of clients they envisioned, and the owners or partners have a lot of internal debate about the business development direction and investment.

About  Luk Smeyers 

I never had to sell, negotiate or persuade!

With almost 20 years in consulting and an incredible journey as a global thought leader in my industry, I am on a mission to turn consulting firms into Go-To Expert firms and help them grow their businesses.

More about Luk

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Let me help build your consultancy’s
definable visibility and influence

With a reputation as the go-to expert consultancy, you will have to spend less time on business development. You will be able to pick and choose the ideal clients you want to work with while charging premium rates for your advisory. Which consultancy firm doesn’t want this?



Here’s  how  I can help you get there

(due to my recent website relaunch - July 22, 2022 - the texts for my service offerings below are 'work in progress'. Hope to see you soon again for 'the big update') 

The Consultancy Positioning Assessment

My scan takes you through a rigorous process of diagnosing, researching, assessing, and comparing the touch points that connect your consultancy with your ideal audience for the years to come.

The Consultancy Full Business Upgrade

A flagship program, I will make the details of the consultancy full business upgrade service available soon. Make sure to check back in.

Consulting Business Development Workshops

Establishing the foundations for building and growing a solid business development footprint in consulting.


The Mastermind Retreats For Consulting Leaders

Fast track your consulting business to the next level through peer-learning, one-to-one guidance, and group work in a 5-day immersive retreat.

Consultancies that benefited from my services

Balance HR
One Stone
Otter advisory


And a long list of individual partners, owners, and leaders of consulting firms and practices...

Quotation mark

Luk has continually gone beyond the scope of our work, acting as a sounding board and advisor on a variety of topics. Since working with him, we’ve seen increases in our sales and marketing performance, and have had to grow the team because of it. I highly recommend working with Luk.

Nigel Dias
Managing Director, 3nStrategy Consulting

Luk is a true role model. Studying how he grew iNostix, working with him, and following his advice has proven to be the best investment I have made since I started as a consultant 13 years ago. Luk helped me to finally understand what was holding me back for many years.  Thank you, Luk.

Vladimir Blagojevic
Founder, Online Marketing Consultancy FullFunnel.io

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