Business Development In Consulting, 

the Authority-Led Way

Most consultants are stuck in...


It gets them caught in a downstream, non-authoritative positioning as a consultant and as a result, they...

  • ...get considered as mainstream, without negotiation power in a crowded consulting market;
  • ...say yes to almost everything to protect their income;
  • ...get beaten up by the procurement gatekeepers who dictate painful discounts;
  • ...over-service and under-charge out of fear to lose the client;
  • ...are working at low rates with zero perspectives to upgrade;
  • ...are working themself to death to earn a living, without time to grow the project pipeline;
  • ...have to wait disrespectfully long to get their invoices approved and paid;
  • ...are considered as order takers, risk-free to get replaced;
  • ...are unable to get distinctive testimonials to help grow their expert reputation.

I was able to move to an UPSTREAM VALUE PROPOSITION as an expert and never had to deal with the vicious downstream, non-authoritative consulting approach again.


The Visible Authority Blueprint

The proven Visible Authority steps that will grow your consulting business

Business Development In Consulting Has Changed Forever

As consultants, we need to consistently win profitable clients that value our expertise. Referrals work, but the pipeline doesn’t feel as reliable as it once did. The market has shifted.

Buyers do their homework before they get in touch. They have access to an abundance of information that empowers them to navigate most of the buying process on their own.

There's tremendous opportunity in consulting but it takes focus, specialization, and visible authority to win in a crowded, highly competitive consulting market with risk-avoiding, impatient buyers who can find anything in seconds.

Your competitor is only one click away!

Luk Smeyers - the Visible Authority

Who The Heck Is Luk?

I never had to sell, negotiate or persuade!
With almost 20 years in consultancy and an incredible journey as a global thought leader in my industry, I am on a mission to turn consultants into Visible Authorities and help them grow their businesses.
Learn more about Luk

Work with me

Let me teach you the blueprint and mental reprogramming you need to grow your consulting business.


Interactive Training
for Solo Consultants

Learning Weekend with Luk (Brussels, June 24-24-26, 2022) 

Join a 2,5-day interactive training, where you will learn from me, from a guest expert, and from each other. 

Here's what you will learn:
✓ Developing a laser-sharp positioning
✓ Designing upstream consulting services
✓ Understanding value proposition design
✓ Productizing your consulting services
+ so much more

Visible Authority
Private Training

Becoming the Go-to Authority in your Expertise Field


A 4-months exclusive step-by-step private training program for senior/partner consultants to drastically improve your business development approach, starting with a personalized audit. 


Mastermind Retreats
2022 (waiting list)

Fast track your consulting business to the next level


Amplify your consulting success in a 5-day immersive retreat with a group of like-minded expert consultants through peer-learning, one-to-one guidance, and powerful group work.

The 2022 restart: most likely in the spring of 2022. Interested? Get on the waiting list via the info page. 



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