A review of the entire consulting business – from positioning to infrastructure to service delivery.

Do you feel like  growing  your boutique consultancy is getting exponentially more difficult?

In today's complex and rapidly changing consulting industry, linear growth becomes an increasingly challenging and unsustainable path. High-performing consultancies focus on growing their profit margins just as much as revenue growth.

However, there are a number of factors that may be impeding your consultancy's growth, including the misalignment between the services and the ideal clients you'd like to attract, the lack of time that you and your senior leadership experience to work on the business (designing the strategy and setting priorities) as opposed to inside the business (overseeing implementation, onboarding clients, etc.), and the low ROI of your marketing and business development efforts.



TVA embarks on a strategic journey with its clients, aiming to enhance its performance through a meticulously structured three-stage consultancy business review process. 

Beginning with a Discovery Phase (Stage 1), TVA evaluates the client's current practices against high-performance characteristics critical for consultancy success. This assessment informs the Development of an Improvement Roadmap (Stage 2), outlining tailored strategies and actionable steps for transformative growth across identified key areas. The journey culminates in the Improvement phase (Stage 3), executed through 3 focused sprints targeting the three most critical areas for improvement.


Stage 1
Discovery Phase


Stage 2
Improvement Roadmap


Stage 3
Improvement Sprints

This holistic approach is designed to elevate consultancy practices, positioning clients for sustained success and operational excellence. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the three stages

Stage 1: Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase serves as the foundation of the entire business review process, with its core objective being to evaluate the client’s current standing concerning the essential 'high-performance characteristics' of a successful consultancy firm. TVA’s proven evaluation methodology encompasses several critical areas:

Positioning and Value Proposition Clarity: Assessing how clearly the client articulates what they do, whom they serve, what they can achieve, and what makes them different from their competition.

New Client Attraction and Existing Client Development: Examining the strategies for attracting new clients while nurturing and expanding relationships with existing ones.

Thought Leadership and Client Education: Evaluating the clients' efforts to establish themselves as industry leaders and educate their market through insightful content and interactions.

Revenue Reliability and Pipeline Management: Looking into the systems and processes to ensure consistent revenue and effectively manage the client pipeline for future growth.

Operational Model and Non-linear Scaling: Assessing the client’s operational efficiency and capacity for scaling without directly increasing workload or resources.

Infrastructure (CRM & PSA): Reviewing the technological backbone, specifically the Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems, for efficiency and effectiveness in supporting the firm's operations.

Financial Management: Analyzing the practices in place for financial planning, management, and performance tracking.

Client Service and Project Delivery: Investigating the quality and effectiveness of client service and the delivery of projects or engagements.

Talent Attraction and Retention: Evaluating the firm’s ability to attract, develop, and retain high-caliber professionals.


 The Output 

The outcome of this discovery phase is a nuanced understanding of the client's business, paving the way for developing a strategic improvement roadmap in stage 2 that aligns with their ambitions and the high-performance characteristics of a leading consultancy firm.

Stage 2: Improvement Roadmap Development

Building on the comprehensive insights gained during the Discovery Phase, TVA embarks on crafting an Improvement Roadmap that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities identified. 

This roadmap is rooted in the high-performance characteristics of consultancy firms, aiming to bridge the gap between the client's current state and their optimal performance potential. 

Each recommendation within the improvement roadmap is designed to systematically elevate the client's consultancy practice in alignment with the high-performance characteristics. 

TVA's proprietary approach ensures that the roadmap is strategic and pragmatic, offering clear guidance on priorities, possible implementation timelines, and resource allocation. 

 The Output 

This phase culminates in a roadmap that serves as a comprehensive guide for the client, laying the foundation for transformative growth and operational excellence in the subsequent implementation stage.

Stage 3: Improvement Sprints

With the Improvement Roadmap as a guide, TVA transitions into the Improvement Sprints phase, meticulously focusing on the three most critical areas identified during the Discovery Phase. 

This phase is structured around three distinct sprints, each dedicated to addressing and elevating one of these priority areas. This sprint-based approach ensures concentrated efforts and resources are deployed efficiently, enabling rapid improvements and tangible results.

In each sprint, TVA collaborates closely with the client to operationalise the strategic initiatives outlined in the roadmap. The sprints are designed to be dynamic and iterative, allowing for adjustments based on real-time feedback and outcomes. 

 The Output 

TVA meticulously prepares a detailed action plan throughout these sprints, aligning closely with the strategic initiatives identified in the roadmap. This plan addresses immediate improvements in overall performance. It includes measures to empower the client with the tools and knowledge necessary to continue enhancing their consultancy's performance in the long run, laying a solid foundation for potential sustained growth and success.


TVA Full Business Review  Timing  and  Pricing 

The cost of the review: 35.000 Euro.

The Full Business Review takes 12 to 14 weeks in total.