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It has never been so easy to get visible but at the same time, it has never been so difficult to convert this visibility into real business development in consulting. Success doesn’t come from sharing a few articles on LinkedIn. The game has changed. Dramatically.

The consulting world is changing fast. The Internet, social media, online marketing technology, and the rise of specialization have transformed the buyer’s journey. Research shows that 90% of professional service buyers always check out a consultant’s expertise online before making a decision.

Today’s buyers expect an ‘easy to find’ 5-star rated expert profile, Amazon-like. Unfortunately, 80% of potential consultants put themselves out of the picture straight away because of their poor online visibility.


These sobering numbers and this changing world prompted me to change my approach to business development in the past years. It’s a journey that has taken me from one man in a sea of good consultants to having a global online presence that fuelled my People Analytics start-up, iNostix (acquired by Deloitte in 2016).

Over the years my online presence and visibility have grown substantially and – with the risk of coming across as arrogant - I’ve always been surprised that I was able to outperform the visibility of thousands of top consultants at Deloitte globally.

Now, after 5 years as European CHRO at Nielsen Consulting, 8 years of start-up life at iNostix, and finally 4 years of scale-up life at Deloitte, I believe I found my ultimate calling:
guiding consultants through the journey of growing their business by helping them transform into visible authorities.


I have bundled all my experiences, expertise, know-how, research, reading, successes, and struggles into my new business. It’s my ambition to become the unmatched go-to source of growth knowledge for consultants around the world and teach those consultants how to build, grow and scale their ideal client base by becoming a visible authority.


Interested in an overview of my surprising results as a visible authority in the past years? Have a look at this overview...