Refine and amplify the business development efforts of consultancy firms

TVA introduces the Business Development Review, a dedicated advisory service designed to refine and amplify the business development efforts of consultancy firms. 

As a focused subset of our broader Total Consulting Business Review, this service focuses on critical areas that drive business growth: sharpening the value proposition, attracting new clients through a well-defined journey, and establishing thought leadership. 

TVA empowers consultancies to achieve targeted improvements in these domains through a structured three-stage process, fostering sustainable business development and market differentiation.


Stage 1
Discovery Phase


Stage 2
Improvement Roadmap


Stage 3
Improvement Sprints

Stage 1: Discovery Phase

The initial stage embarks with a Discovery Phase to evaluate the consultancy's current business development practices against three pivotal components: value proposition clarity, new client attraction, and thought leadership. 

This phase involves a deep dive into how the consultancy defines and communicates its unique value to the market, the strategies employed to attract and engage new clients, and the effectiveness of its thought leadership efforts in educating the market and establishing authority. 

Through assessments, surveys, and workshops, TVA gathers insights to identify gaps and opportunities for enhancement in these critical areas.

 The Output 

A comprehensive understanding of the consultancy's current business development strategies and identifying critical areas for improvement.

Stage 2: Improvement Roadmap Development

With insights from the Discovery Phase, TVA crafts a tailored Business Development Roadmap. 

This strategic plan outlines specific, actionable steps to refine the consultancy's value proposition, optimize the client journey for new client attraction, and enhance thought leadership initiatives. The roadmap is designed to be pragmatic and actionable, providing clear guidance on implementing strategies that will have the most immediate and impactful influence on the consultancy's business development performance.

 The Output 

A strategic roadmap that lays out a clear path for elevating the consultancy's business development capabilities, positioning them for growth and market leadership.

Stage 3: Improvement Sprint

In the final stage, TVA supports the consultancy through the Implementation and Empowerment phase, focusing on executing the strategies outlined in the Business Development Roadmap. This phase is conducted through a targeted sprint dedicated to implementing improvements in one of the three core components. 

TVA provides strategic guidance, practical tools, and knowledge transfer to empower the consultancy's team. This approach ensures the successful implementation of immediate improvements and the consultancy's long-term ability to continue enhancing its business development performance independently.

 The Output 

The consultancy is equipped with refined business development strategies, operationalized through a detailed action plan, enabling sustained improvement and a competitive edge in business growth.


TVA Business Development Review  Timing  and  Pricing 

The cost of the review: 28.000 Euro (upfront payment).

The Business Development Review takes 6 to 8 weeks in total.