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After 25 years of corporate life, I jumped into consulting entrepreneurship. Little did I know about how to position my business. Then came Luk Smeyers. I have known him from his life in HR and People Analytics. Luk's insights and support were instrumental in helping me define my business offering more clearly, being more consistent in my positioning, and translating all that into market communication. The good thing about Luk is that he was a visible authority in the consulting world before he started helping others to do that. I can recommend him to any consultant, coach, or advisor to get their act straight and become a visible authority in their overcrowded market.

David Ducheyne
Founder & Managing Partner, Otolith Consulting

Luk has a real skill of taking complex concepts and theories and distilling them down into understandable and engaging ideas, without diluting any of the message.

Edward Houghton
Head of Research and Service Design, DG Cities

In a 50 minutes session, Luk gives you more insights about positioning yourself in the consulting world than I heard before in several months!

Sergii Martyshko
People Analytics Director, Deloitte

After working with Luk on a regular basis for five years I have gotten to know him as a highly engaged professional who adds value by bringing worlds together and seeing what is necessary for progress. Most importantly, Luk has heart for his clients and builds relationships with compassion and humour.

Auke IJsselstein
Head of HR Strategy & Risk Office, ABN AMRO Bank

Luk is all about precision. He took my advisory business concept and helped sharpen into a razor-sharp consulting offering.

The right clients came to me. They know exactly what I offered. This meant my sales cycle became remarkably short, with strong renewal and upsell.

By focusing my expertise precisely, working with Luk has enabled me to maximize both my professional fulfilment and revenue generation.

Working with Luk will challenge some of your assumptions, but you will emerge with a more compelling and resilient consulting business. Luk's advice is worth millions..

Thomas Otter
Founder, Otter Advisory | General Partner, Acadian Ventures

Luk shines in many respects, both professionally and personally, but one particular trait of his always stood out for me. I repeatedly witnessed how he can make you see your problem in a different and illuminating way, which also immediately suggests a constructive solution. An indispensable quality in the consulting world! I am very much appreciative of my own paradigm shift that Luk has inspired, opening my eyes to just how important the link is between business and technical expertise as the basis of success.

Maxim Kovalenko
Senior Data Scientist, Argenta (Former member of Luk’s team at Deloitte)

From the business perspective, Luk helped us fine-tune not only the value we want to create and who we want to create it for but how to communicate our expertise and authority with that audience. From an individual perspective, Luk has continually gone beyond the scope of our work, acting as a sounding board and advisor on various consulting topics. Since working with him, we’ve seen increases in our sales and marketing performance, and have had to grow the team because of it. I highly recommend working with Luk.

Nigel Dias
Managing Director, 3nStrategy Consulting

I worked with Luk during his Deloitte period from 2016 to 2019. Luk has greatly inspired me, amongst many other things, to focus on the external positioning of the unique value I/we could deliver as a consulting business.

He has served as an incredible mentor and unique advisor on how to substantially improve my external visibility as a consultant by packaging and presenting my existing expertise into a content-driven marketing and eminence approach.

Not only has his mentorship greatly improved my sense of satisfaction with what I do, it has also significantly impacted my external (market) visibility.

His support has tremendously contributed to the fact that I became a 'go-to-person' in my field, substantially increasing the number of client leads and my ability and credibility to convert them into sizable deals. I consider him one of the few people who has fundamentally impacted my personal growth and career.

Highly recommended to engage with Luk! He brings unique expertise in this niche area and is simply a great person to work with!

Laura Stevens, PhD
Vice President Global Strategy, Analytics & Employee Experience, DSM (Former senior member of Luk’s team at Deloitte)

Luk is a true role model. Studying how he grew iNostix, working with him, and following his advice has proven to be the best investment I have made since I started as a consultant 13 years ago. Luk helped me to finally understand what was holding me back for many years. Thank you, Luk.

Vladimir Blagojevic
Founder, Online Marketing Consultancy FullFunnel.io

The real Luk: impressive, bold & authentic!

Candice Van der Elst
HR Consultant, Highlight Consulting Luxembourg

The acquisition of iNostix in 2016 was an important step in the growth of the Deloitte Human Capital offering. For many years, the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report highlighted that data and analytics are key to improving many people-related challenges in organizations. The integration of iNostix has enabled Deloitte Human Capital to better serve our HR clients and reach our goal of becoming number one in human capital analytics.

One of the main drivers behind the acquisition was Luk’s status as a well-known global thought leader in the people analytics consulting space. Luk has proven that amplifying visibility as a consultant is more than a feel-good marketing technique. He has clearly demonstrated that a deliberate and systematic approach to thought leadership and expert visibility is a compelling business development strategy. During more than a decade, he consistently and openly shared all his experiences and learnings in an authentic and passionate way leading to an incredibly strong and loyal client and follower base.

Yves van Durme
Partner & Global Human Capital Leader - Organization Transformation, Deloitte

Before Luk arrived, we were solving the wrong problem for the wrong buyer with – as a result – little recurring value being created for our customers. In fixing our positioning with Luk's support, we found our ideal buyer & managed to articulate the proper value proposition towards this buyer.

Andreas De Neve
Founder & CEO, TechWolf.ai

Luk is brilliant at asking the right questions and quickly got to our core challenges. His input on how to first think of a pivot in terms of positioning rather than product changes was eye-opening. It led to fruitful discussions and clear action points on adapting our message and target persona first.

Alexander Lieder
Founder & CEO, Skillfill.ai