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I help owner-led boutique consultancies improve performance and profitability.

Most consultancy owners find themselves entrenched in the day-to-day execution of projects, and operate in an ‘ad hoc way’, often focused on addressing immediate issues without sufficiently considering the conscious, long-term design of their consultancy firm. 

High-performing consultancies, on the other hand, are intentionally crafted rather than spontaneously occurring. They are purposefully designed within the market, and their operational framework reinforces their strategic choices. 

I help the owner-led boutique consultancy diagnose the root causes of problems in their business and help create a roadmap that will put them on the path of becoming high-performance consultancies.




Owner-led, mid-sized boutique consultancy firms
+/- 20 to 125 consultants and/or
€2 to 30M annual revenue

One of the key principles of success that I've witnessed high-performing consultancies abide by is deep expertise in a narrow field – the power of specificity. 

I practice what I preach.

I study owner-led boutique consultancy firms day in and day out. This is the niche audience that I put all my energy into. 

As a result, owner-lead, mid-sized boutique consultancy firms is the audience I am able to deliver transformative results to



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