The Visible Authority Blueprint


The proven Visible Authority steps
that will help you to grow your consultancy business


Don’t we all want a consistent and reliable pipeline of projects as consultants?

TVA Blueprint ebook

That’s why I have put together “The Blueprint” – a practical guide to building up your visibility as a consultant and leveraging your authority to grow you consulting business.

The B2B buying market is changing – and has been for a while. Thought leadership is a strategy that will help consultants bridge the gap between their business development activities and the prospects’ decision-making processes.

Here's what you will get:

  • The global trends that are shaping the consulting business
  • The growth challenges many consultants experience
  • The 5 foundations of my global authority as a consultant
  • The characteristics of the visible authority in the past years
  • The main mistakes that kill your authority
  • The steps you can take tomorrow to start your journey of a visible authority
  • The strategy to transition from the “consulting loop to hell” to the “consulting loop to heaven”
    And more!

I hope you will find it useful and I’d love to hear from you with questions and feedback!