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Are you a consultant struggling to get more clients or to grow your consulting business?


You Probably Know These Kind Of Consultants In Your Market:  

  • Their names pop up everywhere 
  • Their consulting business is growing and it doesn't seem to be a big struggle
  • They attract a lot of new consulting opportunities, even in crisis times 
  • They add a lot of value with their expertise and get superb recommendations

I never had to sell, persuade, negotiate, discuss...


  • I always had a reliable, steady flow of new clients
  • I received special expert invitations to RFP’s, instead of having to beg or apply
  • I keynoted and teached around the world, achieved incredible market visibility and became a go-to person in my industry
  • I enjoyed magnetic client retention
  • I succeeded with zero marketing costs
  • I was able to prequalify new clients organically through my content (they knew what to expect)
  • I asked better/higher rates without getting into persuasion or discussion
  • I enjoyed doing ‘upstream work’ most of the time (strategic guidance)
  • I was able to protect 10-15% of my time to re-invest in deepening my expertise and improving my visibility and growing my consulting business?

This happened to me in the past decade!
Wouldn't it be great if you could achieve the same status?


The challenge however: the consulting game has changed. Dramatically! And you should change too!

Did you know that 90% of professional service buyers check out a consultant’s expertise online before making a decision whether or not to get in touch with them?
And did you know that a striking 80% of potential consultants put themselves out of the picture straight away because of their poor online profile and/or the lack of visible expertise? 

You will need to stand out!
So how can you stand out in a crowded market? Especially if marketing is outside your comfort zone and stuff you tried in the past took a lot of effort but didn’t deliver?


Your competitor is only 1 click away! 

Introducing my brand new:

The 30-Day Group Program 

In the 30-Days Group Program, you will get the behind-the-scenes strategies and powerful tactics that I've used to launch and grow my own consulting business...and they can work for you too!

Here's what you will get:

  • A proven step-by-step approach to learn the foundations how to grow your consulting business in the digital era 
  • A 4-week fast-track program delivered online via Zoom via my 2-hour weekly live classes & Q&A time
  • A detailed implementation checklist you can use to transform your consultancy business, covering all necessary steps for a 12-month period
  • A solid group sounding board to discuss your visibility and business growth, leveraging the force of peer-learning in the 30-Day participants group
  • A 30-day exclusive access to a private Whatsapp group where you can ask questions, share your struggles and successes with the group, and get Luk's help when needed (I will check the messages every workday to moderate the group discussions and Q&A)

If you follow my path, it will:

  • Reduce your risk of failure to implement the necessary growth strategies/tactics
  • Avoid lengthy trial and error, therefore accelerate your consulting growth

These are the 3 big changes you will learn in the 30-Days Program, because selling consulting services in the digital age requires a different approach...

1. Improving Your Market Positioning

In order to connect with your ideal clients, you will have to niche down and demonstrate you're an expert in a single, narrow area. 

So, how can you carve out your unique niche (step-by-step) and narrow down microscopically to grow your authority and your consulting business? 

2. Creating A Transformational Offering

Consulting clients are searching for subject matter experts and trusted advisors to help solve their problems.

So, how can you create a laser sharp value proposition, based on the specific pains & gains of your ideal, high-value clients? 

3. Building Visibility & Trust
Buyers of consultancy services need to find, like and trust you before they buy. For them, you are who Google says you are. 
So, how can you grow your credibility (both on- and off-line) by demonstrating how you've successfully helped others with similar problems? 

Growing your consulting work is easier than you might think. All you need is a structured approach and the discipline to follow through on every step of the process.

It won't happen overnight though, it took myself a lot of hard work and a laser-sharp focus. 

But, when you repackage your existing expertise with these '3 big changes' and execute them with excellence, your consulting growth acceleration will electrify you.

This is your chance to learn from someone who has achieved exactly what you would love to accomplish.

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What will you get?

  • A proven step-by-step approach to becoming a Visible Authority in your expertise domain

  • A 12 week program, delivered online via Zoom via 1-to-1 weekly calls

  • An assessment of your current visibility with a detailed status report

  • Weekly ‘quick visibility fixes’ (based on the assessment) so you can make changes fast

  • All the tools, templates and checklists you need to position and grow your consultancy business

  • A solid sounding board to discuss your visibility and your future business model (I will only accept +/- 10 consultants per year)

Check-out my Mastermind retreat. Same program, fast track, group work, peer-2-peer immersive learning

The new 30-Day Program details for the next groups will be re-published in February 2021

Check-out my resources, I am sharing all my expertise with you to grow your consulting business. 

Who is the 30-Day Program for?


Consultants & Advisors

You successfully transitioned from employee to independent consultant or you have already achieved some level of success as an existing consultant. You are looking for expert guidance to better target/reach your ideal clients and to grow your consulting business. 


A Challenging Pipeline

You feel like you have reached a ceiling — you’re working very hard but it's a challenge to consistently fill your pipeline with new opportunities. You are striving to get to the next level.


Ready To Invest Time

You are committed to invest the necessary time to grow your consulting business and follow through on all the steps of the 30-Day Program proven process.


You Love Group Work

You are excited by the concept of working with a small group of consultants and are ready to share your ideas and experiences. This is an intensive and immersive program with a maximum of 15 consultants – no sitting on the side line.

The 30-Day Group Program Pricing

(the new pricing for the coming groups will be published in February, 2021)

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