I Teach Consultants 
The Strategies To Grow Their Revenue
By Transforming Them Into Visible Authorities


I am on a mission to help consultants survive and adapt in challenging times, the 'Visible Authority Way' (and...that's not: 'getting your business online quickly').


The Visible Authority Blueprint

The proven Visible Authority steps that will grow your consulting business

As consultants, we need to stand out!

As consultants, we need to consistently win profitable clients that value our expertise. Referrals work, but the pipeline doesn’t feel as reliable as it once did. The market has shifted.

In a world where professional services buyers act like consumers and can find anything in seconds, whether searching for a new pair of shoes or for an expert to solve their business problem, how the heck will we stand out in a very competitive, crowded consulting market? 

Your competitor is only 1 click away!

Luk Smeyers, Founder TheVisibleAuthority.com

Who The Heck Is Luk?

I never had to sell, negotiate or persuade!
With almost 20 years in consultancy and with an incredible journey as global thought leader in his industry, Luk is on a mission to turn consultants into Visible Authorities and help them to grow their business.
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Work with me

Let me teach you the blueprint and mental reprogramming you need to grow your consulting business.


Group Program

Learn the foundations of how to grow your consulting business


In the 30-Days Group Program, you will get the behind-the-scenes strategies and powerful tactics that I've used to launch and grow my own consulting business...and they can work for you too!




Visible Authority Accelerator Program

Becoming the Go-to Authority in your Expertise Field


A 12-week exclusive step-by-step individual coaching program for senior/partner consultants to drastically improve your business development approach, starting with a personalized audit

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Mastermind Retreats
2020 (on hold)

Fast track your consulting business to the next level


Amplify your consulting success in a 5-day immersive retreat with a group of like-minded expert consultants through peer-learning, one-to-one guidance and powerful group work


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