You Risk To Fail As A Consultant By Saying Yes To Every New Opportunity

Consultants risk getting stuck in 'The Consulting Vicious Loop To Hell'.

Out of fear of missing out on opportunities (and/or income/target achievement), they say 'YES' to every new opportunity.

What happens next? They become a fearful Jack of all trades! Or with the wise words of Zig Ziglar: 

A wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific"! (Zig Ziglar)

The Consulting Vicious Loop To Hell

Let me describe you the dangerous loop to hell in which so many consultants getting stuck:

  • No time to develop their visibility and deepen their expertise (most consultants are in love with opportunity instead of taking the time to focus and deepen their expertise).
  • Business development gets in hibernation, the pipeline becomes inconsistent and unreliable.
  • They lose the self-confidence and courage to brutally narrowing down to standout as an expert.
  • They have no other choice to say 'YES' to every new opportunity due to the growing fear of income or target achievement.

The Consulting Vicious Loop To Hell

Picture: The Consulting Vicious Loop To Hell (Luk Smeyers)

Consultants need to learn to say ‘NO’ to grow their consultancy business! Saying ‘NO’ kicks you in ‘The Consulting Glorious Loop To Heaven’!

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What is important? What is noise in your consulting business?

In a world full of opportunity, we need to overcome our deep-rooted need to respond to everything as consultants. We need to be ruthless in discerning what is important and what is just noise.

I’ve seen many consultants fear to say ‘No’ to ill-suited opportunities in order to please a client or earn an income, compromising their market credibility and ultimately seriously compromising their future consulting growth.

If you are always saying ‘Yes’ to your clients, you’ll end up engaging in far too many activities, and you won’t have the time you need to dedicate to your top priorities, deepen your expertise in your niche, and build authority.

It’s a scary exercise though, it requires a lot of self-confidence. Narrow down microscopically to grow your authority (and your business)! Rewire your brain to love 'the glorious loop to heaven' (and have enough self-confidence).

It's not easy but I've seen many consultants being very successful in narrowing their focus. The day I was able to narrow down and focus myself, I enjoyed to 'The glorious loop to heaven'!


Saying NO is the biggest force to grow your consulting business

Most consultants don’t really understand that saying ‘No’ is the biggest force for building their business. So why is saying ‘No’ so difficult?

The biggest authorities in the world relentlessly say ‘No’ in order to protect and maintain their narrow positioning. 

The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything. (Warren Buffet)

Authorities are obsessively protecting their narrow positioning (or focus area).

Here's what I call 'the glorious loop to heaven':

  • Narrow focus is needed to propel repeatability
  • Repeatability is the driver of pattern detection
  • Pattern detection is the backbone of authority progress
  • Authority drives visibility and trust 
  • Visibility and trust are THE growth drivers in consulting

The Consulting Glorious Loop To Heaven

Picture: The Consulting Glorious Loop To Heaven (Luk Smeyers)

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