Fire Your Clients, You Can't Grow Unless You Specialize As A Consultant (Webinar Summary March 2021)

Back in March 2021, I hosted a webinar titled Fire Your Clients: You Can't Grow Unless You Specialize As a Consultant.

The goal of this free webinar was to provide consultants with a step-by-step guide to growing their consulting business by narrowing down the scope of their work.

Generalists do not have a promising future. It's a race to the bottom. Specialists will be the ones in demand, charging premium fees, and growing their consulting business organically.

If you didn't have a chance to attend the webinar, I've put together the resources that you can still benefit from:

1. Access to slides and the recording

  • Download the slides here
  • Watch the recording below

2. Here's a short summary of what I talked about

  • Always saying YES gets consultants in the Vicious-Loop-To-Hell
  • Specialization means: I) a narrow focus of your consulting work
  • Specialization means: II) specific audience, specific pains, specific pain resolution, specific process, specific thought leadership
  • Evolve from ‘doing activities for your clients’ to ‘doing a pain-resolving transformation for your client’ (creating a value proposition)
  • Narrow focus requires courage and discipline
  • Move from generalist to specialist step-by-step, using lean principles

3. These were the books I referred to

(the hyperlinks are referring to summaries of those books in my book blogs)

4. These were the articles I referred to

5. This was the technology I used (disclaimer: I have no commercial connection with these applications at all)

6. My newsletter I talked about

And if you haven't done already, subscribe for the next free webinar. Learn from what I learned in the past decade. See you soon in the webinar!


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