Creating Your Unique Value Proposition as a Consultant (Webinar Summary September 2021)

On the 8th of September, 2021, I hosted the fifth webinar in my series titled Ditch Your Useless USP’s. Creating Unique Value Propositions as a Consultant.

My goal was to explain some of the most common mistakes that I see consultants make over and over again when designing their unique selling proposition. I then share the secrets to creating an authentic, outcome-driven unique value proposition that goes to the heart of your target audience's problems. 

If you didn't have a chance to attend the webinar, I've put together the resources that you can still benefit from:

1. Access to slides and the recording

  • Download the slides here
  • Watch the recording below

2. Here's a short summary of what I talked about

  • Most consulting USPs are made of useless, self-centered bragging
  • Consultants: bad at unfolding their true distinctiveness
  • The big mistake: telling their prospects the inside view - what THEIR unique services are
    • how exceptional THEIR experience is
    • how many years of awesome experience THEY have
    • and on and on and on...
  • Forget those meaningless words and any vanity claims (you need social proof)
  • UVP is about your client, not about you: the outside view
  • Your value proposition: starts with an XYZ statement (check it out in Google)
  • You need a strategic narrative: XYZ, PoV, pain statements, pain resolution, YOU, SP
  • Openly share it! Your acid test! 
  • Move there step-by-step (it’s an iterative process)

3. These were the books I referred to during the webinar

4. These were the articles/resources I referred to

5. This was the technology I used (disclaimer: I have no commercial connection with these applications at all)

6. My newsletter I talked about

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