Symptoms of Poor Positioning as a Consultant and What You Can Do about It (Webinar Summary October 2021)

On the 13th of October, 2021, I hosted the sixth webinar in my series titled Symptoms of Poor Positioning as a Consultant and What You Can Do about It.

This topic is crucial to my work with consultants. I see every single day how hard-working, incredibly knowledgable and experienced consultants struggle to recruit new clients in a systematic way or attracting clients they have to make compromises for. So many of these instances boil down to their positioning on the market.

You see, positioning is not just a feel-good concept. It's what defines the parameters of your work, what determines the kind of audience that finds your messaging appealing. It's the foundation of your consulting business. That's why, in this webinar, I run the attendees through various mistakes I see consultants make with their positioning as well as some practical tips to address those issues.

If you didn't have a chance to attend the webinar, I've put together the resources that you can still benefit from:

1. Access to slides and the recording

  • Download the slides here
  • Watch the recording below

2. Here's a short summary of what I talked about

Sales success in consulting is a side-effect of doing these things extremely well...

  • Getting rid of symptoms of weak positioning
  • Deal with your underlying challenges (FOMO, Ego, Pleaser,...)
  • Priorities: Strategic narrative, body of work, email list, sharing
  • Expertise: repeat, study the patterns, go deep
  • Specific audience, specific problem, specific approach
  • Positioning: never, ever leave your lane!

3. These were the articles/resources I referred to

4. This was the technology I used (disclaimer: I have no commercial connection with these applications at all)

5. My newsletter I talked about

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