My 2021 Learnings (Webinar Summary January 2022)

On the 12th of January, 2022, I hosted the eighth webinar in my series, titled My 2021 Learnings.

In this session, I reviewed the state of the consulting world: the trends, the challenges, and the opportunities.

I believe that the consulting world has been changing for a while and many of these changes – putting emphasis on the digital, for example – got accelerated over the past year. 

In this webinar, I dive into how business development in the world of consulting has changed forever. I also explain my 13 main learnings from the year.

If you didn't have a chance to attend the webinar, I've put together the resources that you can still benefit from:

1. Access to slides and the recording

  • Download the slides here
  • Watch the recording below

2. Here's a short summary of what I talked about

  • There are a lot of consulting opportunities out there!
  • But you need to get ‘included in the homework of the buyer’
  • Learn from the Authority-Led Square: 1) Positioning, 2) Visibility, 3) Social Proof, 4) Network in the PPT
  • Focus → laser-sharp positioning is critical for consulting – Specific audience, prototypical pain, specific approach
    • Staying in your lane, say NO to non-ideal clients/projects
    • Mind your FOMO, EGO, pleasing syndrome, time as time
  • Get included in the buyers’ homework
    • Body of work → trust stuff
    • Share, share, share
    • Business development-based value sharing

My 2021 learnings include:

  1. Authority-Led: the square
  2. FOMO or NAMO
  3. Laser-sharp Positioning
  4. Get rid of the inside view
  5. Specialization is key
  6. Sharing expertise: trust!
  7. The evil RFP? Maybe!
  8. Help, we have bad clients!
  9. OMG, we don’t have time!
  10. Outbound doesn’t work
  11. Lack of data is bad
  12. Referral by design!
  13. Authority delegation doesn’t work

3. These were the articles/resources I referred to

4. This was the technology I used (disclaimer: I have no commercial connection with these applications at all)

5. My newsletter I talked about

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