If You Don't Like Selling in Consulting, You Are Doing It the Wrong Way (Webinar Summary April 2021)

On the 14th of April, 2021, I hosted a webinar titled If You Don't Like Selling in Consulting, You Are Doing It the Wrong Way.

The goal of this free webinar was to help consultants re-define what it means to sell as a consultant and provide a step-by-step guide to organically growing their business through a smart, consistent approach to sales and marketing.

Selling in consulting is not about picking up the phone and cold-calling potential clients. Growing your consulting is about consistently improving your visibility as a subject matter expert and build the trust in your expertise.

If you didn't have a chance to attend the webinar, I've put together the resources that you can still benefit from:

1. Access to slides and the recording

  • Download the slides here
  • Watch the recording below

2. Here's a short summary of what I talked about

  • Marketing & Sales in consulting is all about building visibility & trust
  • Sales in consulting is a 'side effect', it emerges from doing ‘other things’ well
  • Marketing and Sales is not separate from you, as consultants we ARE the marketers of our expertise
  • We can't sit there and wait (even with a beautiful website), nobody will come across of our services
  • The new archetype: we need to get in the anti-selling mindset and become a 'Giver' (Adam Grant) or a 'Baker' (Guy Kawasaki)
  • Getting visible and building trust: there’s no hack, it takes time and you will face ups & downs

3. These were the books I referred to during the webinar

(the hyperlinks are referring to summaries of those books in my book blogs)

4. These were the articles/resources I referred to

5. This was the technology I used (disclaimer: I have no commercial connection with these applications at all)

6. My newsletter I talked about

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Luk Smeyers

Hello, I’m Luk Smeyers and I’m guiding consultants through the journey of growing their business by helping them transform into visible authorities.  I have been in consulting businesses for almost 20 years, in very different roles: as European CHRO in a global consultancy, as a startup founder in an analytics consultancy, and as a leader in a 'Big 4' consultancy, post-acquisition of the startup. I had the privilege of achieving global visibility as a consultant and I never had to sell, persuade, or negotiate as a result. I have now bundled all those experiences, expertise, know-how, research, reading, successes, struggles, and failures from managing and growing that visibility in the past years. 

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