A Summary Of My Content - April-June 2020

This year sure has been a whirlwind of events. None of us expected to be where we're at when the year just started. But, despite the unprecedented developments around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I've seen businesses and consultants adjust their way of working in a matter of weeks, if not days. 

Here's the summary of my content between April and June 2020 (simply click on the title to read the full blog post):

1. 'The Authority', my brand new bi-weekly newsletter

My 2 first ever bi-weekly 'Think Piece' newsletter for consultants - The Authority - got published in June.

'The Authority' helps consultants grow their pipeline by sharing intriguing educational stories. It’s my ultimate aspiration to create a bubble of calmness with this bi-weekly ‘think piece’, a place of stillness in the face of everyday stress. A chance to reflect on what really matters in your consulting work.

Read here 'The Authority', edition #1 from 14-06-2020

Read here 'The Authority', edition #2 from 28-06-2020

2. The Visible Authority Blog

#1. The Hard Evidence That Visible Authorities Get More Clients

Amplifying your visibility as a subject matter expert is more than a feel-good marketing technique. When done deliberately, systematically, and strategically, it is a proven business development and inbound marketing tool and there’s ample research to back up this claim. 

In this article I highlight the findings from numerous studies that show just how powerful thought leadership is in terms of growing your consultancy and getting new clients. 

#2. Consultants Should Get Through the Boredom of Consistency

There are so many consultants in the world that are so much more talented than you. They’re sexier. Smarter. Richer. More creative. More likable, more charming, better-connected, and better-looking. But there is one, singular thing you can do better than them: you can outwork them.

Consistency can often feel boring. However, standing out from your competitors requires you to learn and master new skills, increase your visibility, and find a narrow focus. All of these don't happen overnight, which is why consistency is key, no matter how tedious it feels at times.

#3. 80 Quotes That Could Change You Into A Better Consultant

This article is a collection of quotes that reflect years of passionate thinking about the consulting profession and span one year of writing. I've mixed my own quotes with carefully selected quotes from experts I admire and you may never have heard of. 

I cover all the subjects I discuss in my LinkedIn posts, blog articles, webinars, and other forms of communication: content marketing, visibility, productivity, specialization, etc.


3. My Linkedin Articles

#1. Why You Should Share All Your Expertise As A Consultant

People often ask me: ‘Why the heck are you openly sharing all your expertise and learnings? Aren’t you afraid that, by sharing your ‘secrets’, your clients won’t need you anymore?

In this post I explain why I have zero fears about openly sharing my knowledge and expertise. I show that by doing so, you end up getting prospective clients to notice, like, and trust you. And isn't that every consultant's dream?

#2. 4 Reasons Why You Don't Have Time To Grow Your Authority

The single biggest challenge I hear from my clients is the lack of time to market and develop their business through thought leadership. My response is always the same. If you don’t take the time to market your consulting business, you won’t have a business to market. If you don’t invest a substantial amount of time in positioning yourself as a visible authority NOW, then in 3-5 years, nobody will come across your expertise on the internet.

That's why in this article I cover some of the most common mistakes that I witness consultants commit that make them allocate their time inefficiently and my proposed solutions to these problems.

#3. Top 10 Articles to Read for Consultants - June 2020

Back in June, I launched a new type of posts - a carefully curated list of articles that I believe consultants would greatly benefit from reading. I split these articles into the following sub-sections:

  • Narrow focus as a consultant
  • Building trust through content and thought leadership
  • Growing your visibility as a consultant through social media
  • Freeing up 15-20% of your consulting time to prioritize growth

#4. Top 10 Articles to Read for Consultants - July 2020

This is the July installment of my monthly compilation of articles that I strongly recommend consultants to read. I understand just how busy a consultant's schedule can get. Yet we must always find the time to improve our knowledge and skills. With so much content out there, I browse through 100+ pieces every month and select the ones that will provide consultants with real value.

4. My Linkedin Posts

#18 Fatal mistakes that kill your authority as a consultant

#2Most consultants have poor and foggy Linkedin profiles 

#3The Visible Authority Quadrant (part 1): Quadrants description

#4The Visible Authority Quadrant (part 2): Impact of the quadrants 

#5The 2020 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study by Edelman

#6The generalist consultant has no future

5. Previous Content Summaries

If you'd like to catch up on my content from the beginning of the year:

Summary #1: January till March 2020

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